Gas Detection

Our full line of hazardous gas detection configurations range from a variety of fixed gas combustible and toxic gas detectors to a complete line of display transmitters, gas controllers, power supplies, and gas control panels. Det-Tronics delivers the flexibility, functionality, and reliability you can depend on.

FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-Of-Sight IR Gas Detector

The FlexSight LS2000 detects combustible gas between two points with infrared technology, and is certified up to 120 meters.


This industrial-quality detector provides another layer of protection in the harshest environments, detecting leaks instantly under virtually all conditions..


For the latest in combustible gas detection technology, you can rely on Det​-Tronics to offer you rock-solid performance that requires minimal maintenance and calibration. In addition to our complete line of catalytic product solutions, we have a comprehensive line of infrared product line and accessories.

Toxic Gases

No other company provides a more complete line of flame and gas detection solutions than Det-Tronics. Our toxic-gas detection portfolio includes sensor types such as electrochemical, metal oxide semiconductor (MOS), and nanotechnology applied to MOS sensors (NTMOS).

Universal display

Our latest addition, the FlexVu® Universal Display, provides non-intrusive calibration and configuration for a variety of detectors.

GP16 Gas Panel

Designed to meet life-safety requirements as a combustible or toxic gas controller, the GP16 Gas Panel is a pre-configured EQP System that incorporates combustible and/or toxic gas detectors.

xWatch Surveillance Camera

Keep personnel out of harm’s way by adding an industrial grade camera to your gas-detection solution. The system can be as simple or as complex as required. Your tailored surveillance system can include real-time viewing, remote monitoring with internet accessibility, and pre/post event recording.