SF6 Leak testing units

Automated leakage measurement on serial components

DILO builds SF6 leak testing units for integral leak measurement using SF6 gas in various sizes – from around 50 l to approx. 50,000 l.

The integral and automated leakage measurement on serial components and assemblies is the proven strength of these systems. Even the smallest leaks are detected quickly and reliably. 

We always manufacture the systems according to customer specifications while focussing on a user and maintenance-friendly configuration. We exclusively use hermetically sealed components which do not allow emissions into the environment.

To ensure an optimal workflow, the system design is always adjusted to the customer’s production environment.


Major information on DILO leak testing systems are included in our flyer “SF6 Leak Testing Units” which you may download here.

The test system delivers the total leakage rate of the test object as a measurement result within a few minutes.

Focus on customer requirements

Accompanying project management by a project manager from the first conception meeting until delivery of the system is a matter of course. We take

care of the installation and commissioning as well as accompanying training at the customer’s premises.

And even after delivery we won’t leave you in the lurch. We offer maintenance contracts as well as various options for remote maintenance for rapid troubleshooting.

Testing under vacuum

Model range “LeakScanner SV” – from S to XXL

Vacuum testing of smaller components
(without gas handling)

Vacuum leak testing unit

This model range with a chamber volume of approx. 50 – 500 l is the ideal solution for testing smaller components where gas handling can take place outside the test chamber.

Vacuum testing of larger components
(with or without integrated gas handling)

Vacuum leak test machine allowing precise determination of leakage rate

We manufacture standard systems of this model range with a chamber volume of 500 l to approx.10,000 l. We recommend this model range where larger components need to be tested or where integrated gas handling in the test chamber is required. In this case, the test objects are filled with SF6 in the chamber. Gradual evacuation and filling of the test objects is also possible in order to avoid an inadmissible differential pressure between the test object and chamber.

An advantage for users in the field of energy technology: when testing SF6-filled control system components, SF6 can remain in the test object after testing. This makes the SF6 test method an interesting alternative to the known helium leak test in the field of GIS production as it is not necessary to recover the test gas from the test chamber after completion of the test process. As a consequence, the SF6 test method has a shorter handling time per test unit.

Testing under atmospheric pressure

“LeakScanner SA” model range

With atmospheric test chambers it is not necessary to evacuate air before the test process.

Atmospheric leak test chamber

Test chambers of this construction type can be manufactured at significantly lower cost with a significantly larger volume than vacuum chambers. We build these chambers with a chamber volume of up to 50 m³ as standard. This allows for reliable testing of even larger units and assemblies.

However, we also recommend atmospheric testing when delicate, vacuum-sensitive components such as devices with touch screens need to be tested for their leak tightness.

This system configuration also allows the filling of the test objects with SF6 gas in the test chamber and subsequent recovery of the gas. However, with atmospheric pressure, the test duration is on average 10 – 30 times longer as the increase in concentration for atmospheric pressure is significantly lower.

Individual solutions ready for use

Possible designs:

  • Vacuum chambers or atmospheric test chambers
  • Chambers with or without integrated SF6 gas handling
  • Double units
  • Small and large chambers as one work unit
  • Combined systems with a vacuum and an atmospheric test chamber

As only one control cabinet/laser measurement system is required, even for double units or combined systems, the cost effectiveness of this system design is particularly high.


System with two doors for flow production to fit perfectly into customer’s workflow