SF6 monitoring devices

Devices for monitoring SF6 gas quantities

For recording of SF6 gas consumption rates DILO offers different devices for easy and comfortable monitoring.

Mass flow measuring system

For recording gas quantities from and to the circuit breaker

With this device, gas monitoring is just that simple. Gas quantities which are filled in and recovered are registered and can be transferred to a computer. The system displays the current mass flow as well as the total mass. It is also equipped with an additional meter which can be reset, add and subtract the gas quantity. Thus, the SF6 gas monitoring is very easy.

SF6 mass flow measuring systemOther features:
  • System can be wall or table mounted
  • Coupling groove part DN20
  • Measuring accuracy for gases: 0.50 % ± 0.1 kg/h
  • PC-Hart modem with PC interface cable (available as option)
  • Indication in kg, optionally in lbs


Weighing scales


The weighing scales have been developed specially for large containers used for example in GIS production or in large substations. The weighing range of the device is up to 2,000 kg. The determined weight is indicated on the display immediately.

The integrated serial interface is a special feature allowing data communication with other DILO devices. Thus, not only the weight can be read on the service cart, but the recovery process can alsobe stopped via the DILO service cart after having reached the provided filling weight. Furthermore, the data can also be transmitted to the laptop or to special monitoring software. There is no easier way of SF6 monitoring.

Weighing scales for 600 l gas container

Other features:

  • Weighing range: up to 2,000 kg with tare function
  • Serial interface
  • Digit increment: 0,2 kg
  • Weight indication reversible from kg to lbs
  • Release of the weighing system is not necessary for transportation

Electronic bottle scales

K091R65 (Standard)
Digital display with battery compartment (IP54)

K091R67 (Comfort)
Digital display with internal rechargeable batteries (IP65)
Integrated serial interface for data exchange or monitoring

The electronic bottle scales allow quick and easy determination of the filling quantity of a gas bottle. The large weighing platform and the supporting chain provide additional stability of the gas bottle.

Electronic bottle scales

The weight is indicated on the illuminated display which switches off automatically if the scales are not used for a certain time. Thanks to the tare function gas inputs and outputs can be quantified exactly. The bottle scales can be folded comfortably and compactly in one step after use.

Technical data:

  • Weighing range: up to 120 kg with tare function
  • Digit increment: 10 kg
  • Accuracy: ± 20 g
  • Weight indication reversible from kg to lbs


Weighing unit for “SF6 Monitoring Manager”

This weighing unit is a useful tool for the SF6 gas bottle management in connection with the „SF6 Monitoring Manager“, a specially developed database software.

The quantity of SF6 stored in gas bottles is precisely determined by means of electronic scales, incoming and outgoing gas vessels are identified by means of the integrated barcode scanner. The required bar code labels can be printed on site with the optional label printer.

Gas quantities being filled or withdrawn are registered by the weighing unit and are allocated to the corresponding storage location or customer location via the computer tablet.

Weighing scales for SF6 gas bottles with database connection

This unit also enables the registration of the gas quality (e. g. new gas or reuse gas). Its difference is immediately registered in the database. Thus it is possible to survey the gas quantities employed at any time and any location. This considerably simplifies annual reporting in accordance with the CE 1493/2007 directive.

Other features:

  • Stable frame
  • Accuracy of the electronic weighing unit ±0.1 kg
  • Network independent by Li-Ion battery operation
  • 10“ tablet computer with database connection
  • 2D capable cordless barcode scanner with Bluetooth interface
  • Optional thermal transfer printer for durable labelling of gas bottles (option)

Important note:

The device can only be operated in connection with the “SF6 Monitoring Manager” software.