SF6 solutions for GIS Production

Intelligent SF6 gas handling in customer specific versions

Automated production process with permanent monitoring of the SF6 quality requires intelligent and innovative SF6 gas handling to achieve the highest economic efficiency and exemplary environmental protection. We offer high-performance, customer-specific special equipment for GIS, GIL and GIT applications.

Tailored to customers’ needs:

  • SF6 gas handling equipment with automatic process control for the production of SF6 filled plant and components
  • Leak testing units for quick and precise leak detection on GIS components
  • Complete product range for gas handling on gas-insulated lines (GIL)
  • Separation plants for the preparation of SF6 gas mixtures with separation efficiency of ≥ 99 %
  • Cooling systems for SF6 insulated transformers (GIT)
  • High capacity storage vessels and pressure tanks for gaseous storage of SF6 from 1,000 to
    20,000 litres
  • Construction of complete shop floor piping for GIS production

Stand alone devices

For the production of small quantities (insular production) we offer high performance stand alone units.

SF6 production plant

Application advantages:

  • All necessary functions can be carried out at one assembly site / test station
  • Independent working from other test stations
  • Parallel functions can be carried out:
    Evacuation of gas compartment 1, simultaneous filling or gas recovery from gas compartment 2
  • Configuration of the performance of the devices adapted to the products to be installed on this assembly site
  • If space is limited the SF6 gas can also be stored in liquid form.


Powerful stand alone unit with 10 parallel ports for evacuating air, filling the gas chamber and recovery of SF6 gas.

Complete line solution

Switchgear manufacturers all over the world rely on our individual concepts. We offer complete line solutions that are based on the workflow of the customers and the particular production quantities.

Line solutions for larger production volumes always include a central unit with storage tank, any amount of connected workstations, distribution panels and control of all processes.

Example of a complete line solution

1. Central unit
2. Work station after assembly
3. Mechanical test station
4. Leak tests
5. High voltage test station
6. Preparation for dispatch

a. Monitoring of the gas quality and reporting of the SF6 gas quantities
b. Weighing device for 600 l container (new gas)
c. 8,000 l high pressure tank
d. 3,000 l low pressure storage tank

SF6 gas monitoring

Electronic mass flow meters and weighing devices with PC interfaces enable the collection and registration of SF6 gas consumption at various locations.

Our special database software “SF6 Monitoring Manager” centrally manages all acquisitions and disposals. The SF6 mass balance according to EU directive 1493/2007 can thus be easily created.

Large volume storage tanks

For the central gas stock we offer storage tanks for intermediate storage of large SF6 quantities available for gaseous storage to 25 bar and liquid storage to 50 bar.SF6 gas pressure vessel

  • Available with a volume of 1,000 – 20,000 l
  • Horizontal or vertical versions
  • With gauge, safety and shut-off valve
  • Version in accordance with EC 97/23 regulations available optionally with ASME or SQL approval

Storage tank horizontal, 6.000 l / 16 bar


Accessories for gas treatment plants in GIS production

There is (almost) nothing that we do not deliver. Our delivery spectrum for GIS production e.g. includes:

  • Filter units for filtration during the recovery and filling process. Available as stationary or mobile unit with volumes from 30 to 100 l and connection DN20 / DN40.
  • Hose reel or mobile unit for hose reeling. The ideal solutions for easy transport and convenient storage of hoses in the GIS production. More information about the hose reel / mobile unit for hose reeling you will find here.
  • DN20 Quick coupling. A useful aid in fields of application where hoses have to be frequently loosened and reconnected. Thanks to the clamp lock the DN20 hoses can easily be connected. More information about the quick coupling DN20 you will find here.
DN20 Quick coupling

Hall piping

DILO carries out the complete production area piping according to the customer’s specification – from the first layout, material procurement, assembly up to the final approval. A temperature compensated pressure control of the factory piping is available as an option allowing immediate detection of leaks on the piping.