MV Vacuum Circuit Breakers

TAVRIDA ELECTRIC proudly presents its world famous series of vacuum circuit breakers with magnetic actuators. TAVRIDA ELECTRIC vacuum circuit breakers have been designed for use in metal-enclosed switchgear utilizing the modern concept of cassette design. The small overall dimensions allow the vacuum circuit breakers to be easily integrated into any type of cassette available on the market. In addition to the primary application, the vacuum circuit breakers can be used for various retrofit projects.

Longitudinal VCB

The TE-01 Longitudinally mounted vacuum circuit breaker is available in two versions: The  fixed version is ideal for the development of new cubicles as the VCB’s simplified arrangement allows design engineers to create a cubicle with the minimum dimensions possible. The ISM is mounted rigidly in the cubicle. The truck version is designed for the replacement of longitudinally mounted circuit breakers currently in service. It is also intended for application in new cubicles developed for other types of longitudinal circuit breaker when it is not possible to change the original design of the cubicle.

Universal Retrofit Solutions

Traditionally it used to require months to retrofit a particular MV panel. With TAVRIDA ELECTRIC’s new Universal Retrofit Solutions the retrofit can be done within two weeks regardless switchgear type, origin and location.

Recloser Based Automation Solutions

Autoreclosers OSMTavrida Electric has accumulated 20 years of experience in solid-insulated recloser technology and is proud to present the Rec series automatic circuit reclosers…

Cost effective automation solutions based on Time-Voltage Sectionalizers for Smart Grid up to 40,5kV

Today Electricity Companies have to constantly keep in mind the financial aspect of while launching a project of network reliability improvement. The investments, into sophisticated equipment in order to increase the reliability of electricity supply, minimize outage time and provide the tools for network control and automation, have to always be balanced with the economic outcomes. The cost breakdown of a typical project of overhead line automation which includes purchase, setting up and programming, installation and commissioning of state-of-the-art equipment is presented below.

One Cycle Interruption

Electrical workers have chosen the third most dangerous profession according to recent OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, USA) statistics. In the USA alone, there are 10 OSHA ‐ reportable arc‐flash incidents involving more than one fatality every day. Studies indicate that up to 80% of all Electrical Worker injuries are not due to shock (passage of electrical current through the body) but due to external burn injuries created by the intense and radiant heat energy of an electrical arc explosion. There is a great deal that can be done to prevent an Arc Flash explosion and to protect personnel if they are exposed to an Arc Flash.

Fast Transfer Switch

Fast Transfer Switch Diagram smallTavrida Electric in cooperation with Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL)*, introduces its Fast Transfer Switch System based on the fast response time of the SEL controller (7‐10ms) and the ultimate characteristics of Tavrida circuit breakers.

MILE MP Series MV Switchgear

Metal-clad, semi metal-clad, compartmented and cubicle switchgear and controlgear including RMU are all available for primary and secondary distribution. TAVRIDA ELECTRIC supplies both compact substations encased in concrete and sandwich kiosks.