Safety Systems

Synergy Power Systems Limited represents BS&B Safety Systems the original rupture disk (bursting disc) manufacturer. BS&B has been shaping the growth of pressure relief devices for many decades.

As the originators of the Rupture Disk (Bursting Disc), BS&B Safety Systems are best suited to finding the safest solution to your pressure problem with established products or custom made designs.

Rupture Disks

1BS&B provides application choices with the industry leading range of reverse buckling, forward acting, and graphite rupture disk devices. Within each of these three technology groups are further choices to attend to each of the users specific application needs. Additional specialty designs provide protection for sanitary / aseptic systems and transportation equipment.

Graphite Disks

2BS&B range of SAF-T-GRAF.

Graphite Disks are manufactured from a pure block of graphite. It can withstand almost any aggressive chemical attack through superior manufacturing process which achieves wide range of sizes, superior corrosion resistance, low and high operating temperatures.

Safety Heads34.

BS&B safety heads are designed for optimum safety and performance.

  • Simple, Fail-Safe Installation
  • Leak-Tight Bite-Type Seal. BS&B holders have Bite-Type seal onto the inlet flange of the Safety Head that engages the disk material proper creating a bubble-tight seal.

BS&B offers the right safety head for your applications.

Industrial Explosion Protection.

Whether your application involves dust, gas or mist, BS&B explosion vents provide reliable relief at or below their rated burst pressure, even if damaged. They require little maintenance and are easy to replace.


Sensors & Monitors

Burst Alert Sensors provide immediate warning of a ruptured disk activation.
A wide range of sensors are available depending on client’s requirements – Magnetic /
Electronic / Pneumatic etc.